Benefits of Remote Staffing


What is remote staffing?

Remote work is basically a working style that provides professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. …thinking that way
instead of connecting to a particuar desk or location, remote employees can assassinate their projects and perform their goals wherever they please.

->Benefits of REmote Staffing and why Ranucle Doesn’t mind remote Staffing:-

-> Workers fell connected with technology
Employess generally take communication from home the time is changed no one needs an IT guy to come home and install some expensive things
in order to communicate with office team. you just need some devices and a strong WI-FI connection you can experience all facilities of office.
the workers at ranucle are free to work from remote location infact they feel more connected to their colleagues.what technology has given the advantage
that you can communicate from various devices and operating system as they also can easliy pickup their phone.

-> Workers feel more productive:-
It may sound a little bit unreasonable, but remote workers are actually more productive than their workers who waork from office.acoording to the latest surveys
52 percent of remote workers stated they were willing to work overtime, while only 27 percent of their office workers suggested they would do the same.
In Ranucle we have created the Environment according to their will & efficiency.
Also, not everyone is efficient between the hours of 9 to 5. Some workers of your team will be willing to work at night, other workers will be morning persons,
whose efficiency comes before the sun rises. One of the keys of Ranucle Possess to hire a successful is the ability to hire the right people.

->Buisness Save Money
If you are looking for Office you will go to Real-Estate company for location or other means that means you are spending good amount of money
There are several overhead costs associated while having employess on location several other terms like office supplies and furniture, janitorial services,
and electricity will also be reduced.If you allow your Employess to work from home you can save all these money & also in comparision you can make the workers
taking holiday because of illness,weather, Unscheduled absences. so Ranucle gives opportunity to every employees to select by their choice how they are willing
to work without affecting outcome and Efiiciency.

->Employees save money
It is not likely that only businesses are alone in saving money. The gas price are increasing the transportion is also becoming costly. As we condusted the
Survey internally among the employess of Ranucle save approximately $4,600 per year by working from home this is equivalent to a couple of months
in a mortgage payment.

->Access to global talent
When you hire a people to communicate they are limited for certain locations it means that particular language or the country.If you go out of your radius
it will help you alot in different way.If you are running a startup in Tulsa, Oklahoma? if you hire remote workers, then you will be able to hire software
developers in San Francisco and Boston also Also, if you want higher a quality talent but you cannot afford to break the bank, you don’t need to worry
yo will be able to find a great full-time engineer in the Philippines willing to work for a fraction of the cost.
you can also Reduce employee turnover plus Workers avoid the stress of the commute Ranucle understand the needs of Employess.

Benefits of Remote Staffing

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